Baby’s First Test Celebrates Newborn Screening Awareness Month

It is officially Newborn Screening Awareness Month! Throughout the month of September, Baby’s First Test will be sharing newborn screening facts, videos and stories through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels as well as highlighting education and awareness efforts from communities and organizations across the nation. Visit Baby’s First Test Newborn Screening Awareness Month to learn more

Whether your mission for September is to learn more about newborn screening or you wish to share your story and experience with newborn screening, we hope our materials and resources are useful to you in your awareness efforts.

How Can You Participate?

There are many different ways to get involved and help educate and empower families and communities about newborn screening. Here are just four different ways to get involved this September


Baby’s First Test will be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #NBS2016. We encourage you to use #NBS2016 when you share a post, picture, or story. Last year, newborn screening related posts made over three million impressions during the month of September. This year, we hope to add to this success by reaching even more communities and families from across the United States!

Join Baby’s First Test’s Twitter Chats

Check the Baby’s First Test Newborn Screening Awareness Month webpage for dates and times for Twitter chats.. You can participate by using #chatNBS! Interested in co-hosting the Twitter chat? Email Natasha Bonhomme at

The Newborn Screening Public Square

The Newborn Screening Public Square, an open space dedicated to ongoing conversations about newborn screening, is now live. The Public Square will include a series of online discussions and webinars about different newborn screening topics. Join September’s conversation here.

Social Media Toolkit

Baby’s First Test has updated its social media toolkit for Newborn Screening Awareness Month! The toolkit includes social media messaging, sample tweets, an “I Support Newborn Screening” Facebook profile picture, and educational resources. Download the toolkit below!

View the Toolkit Here

New Resources from Baby’s First Test

National Map Featuring RUSP Conditions

Infographic for Expecting Parents

Have questions or want more information on Newborn Screening Awareness Month? Please contact Jackie Seisman at