Corporate Relations

The UNC Medicine Rare Disease Industry Partners Program (UNC MED RDIPP) is philanthropic engagement between UNC Medicine and global companies. Academic/Industry collaborations allow both entities to transform medicine with innovative approaches to partner.

UNC Medicine Industry Partners Program facilitates mutually advantageous relationships with industry in order to accomplish educational, corporate & foundation goals.

We help companies navigate UNC Medicine to assist in the development of relationships between our faculty and external funding partners. We facilitate these collaborations in a variety of ways in order to advance shared vision and goals.

We also facilitate interactions with our world class students in UNC Medicine. This can be accomplished in many ways that will be mutually beneficial for the university, industry and foundation experience.

We offer many ways to meet your needs:

Want to engage with world class faculty?  Consider sponsoring research projects to enhance collaboration to advance cutting edge research.

Do you want to have a role in shaping the next industry leaders?  From speaking engagements, fellowships, internships to sponsoring events; we can offer you many options that will benefit your branding across UNC Medicine.

Interested in Maximum branding recognition?  We have many opportunities to engage from endowing professorships to naming buildings to leave a real legacy.

For more information, please contact:

Tara J. Britt