Med Partners Program

Become an UNC Med Partner

The UNC Med Industry Partner’s Program provides a structure for developing and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships between the global industry community and UNC Medicine. This is accomplished by aligning partner’s interest with UNC Medicine’s capabilities.

Building relationships is our primary focus. Relationships between faculty, students and industry to ensure a win win for all.  We realize there is no one fit for all so understanding your unique corporate needs is very important for UNC Medicine to develop plans for partnership and collaboration opportunities.

Being a UNC Med Partner allows your brand to expand by having access to our world class talent pool.

Engagement Opportunities

By engaging with UNC Med Partners Program, you benefit by having a dedicated connection to assist in coordinating your activities.

We will build out different membership options for those that join our program that allow corporations to join depending on their specific needs.

Below are benefits of engaging with UNC Med Partners Program

  • Targeted and priority access to recruiting our world class students
  • Branding Recognition
  • Special event opportunities including seminars, lectures, receptions
  • Naming rights
  • Faculty engagement & research sponsorship
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Gifts to support UNC Medicine
  • UNC Med Foundation Endowments
  • UNC Med Industry Partners Strategic Advisory Board

For more information, please contact:

Tara J. Britt